What should we break open?

What We Do

New Site

Let NSWDev take on the challenge of giving your business a new web presence. We can start from scratch or work to adapt the content on your old site.

Basic idea? We can work with you directly to come up with a design and carry it through from start to finish. We can also point you to example sites for inspiration.

More ambitious plans? Let us refer you to a partner designer or work with one of your choosing. We will communicate with your designer throughout the design process, and once the design is finished we can usually launch the site within 3–5 weeks after receiving a final mockup from the designer.


Your site looked good when it was first made, but that was a long time ago. Time has passed, and now it's showing its age.

Or maybe your current site works fine, but you no longer have a developer to help you maintain it and keep the content up to date.

Let us wipe off the dust, decant your site, and let it breathe again. In most cases we can modify existing code, update images, and change copy. Situations vary, but this process usually only takes 2–3 weeks and may be even quicker than that.

Powerful Design


No site should be an island. User traffic flows to and from social media, and your site needs to be a part of each user's fluid online experience. We can easily integrate your site with

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Google+

and many more social media platforms. We can let your clients share your content, respond to it, and ultimately get the word out for you.

Feature Rich

Do your clients need to make appointments? We can set that up with open tools or (in many cases) your business's proprietary software.

Need personalized data? We can set that up as well. Our designers are all experienced in Ruby on Rails, an industry-standard backend engine that enables us to easily give your site a dynamic and user-specific experience.

Or maybe you need a rich multimedia experience to convey your message? We can tastefully embed videos from Youtube or other sources, setup any number of slideshows, and integrate any audio files important to your message.